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Luigi “Louie” Iaccarino, beloved Maitr’D passes on August 9, 2018

Our beloved Louie ( Luigi Iaccarino ) left us on Thursday August 9th. He was ill for quite some time and finally and bravely had succumb to his illness. Its only now, after some quiet reflection on our friend that I am able to write a few words in his honor.

Louie was a presence and a force in Casa Dante for forty some years. He knew everything and everyone. He was loved by all. A gracious and genteel old style presence that will never come again. He kept all in line and everything orderly.

I recall Louie gently berating a belligerent customer who appeared to be well over 6’4″. Looming over our gentle Maitr’D, Louie banned him from ever entering Casa Dante again. Amazingly the customer exited quietly, but complaining about his exile. A family member of his, an attorney, actually called our offices to have her relative reinstated. I wouldn’t countermand Louies edict. The patron was gone forever. Who knew?

Lou was loved by all our patrons. They expected to see him, and only him, when they walked through the door. He mostly complied to his followers wishes and worked endless hours. His family, whom he loved dearly, sacrificed by way of his absence in family gatherings, events and the like that we take for granted. He chose to be loyal to the business and his patrons. He was a remarkable individual and everyone loved and understood his devotion.

We will miss Lou’s quiet wisdom, innate sense of action and incredible memory. He remembered customers, their relatives, what they ate and what they loved. He had a tremendous sense of propriety and grace which permeated our walls and made him a legend in Jersey City. He knew things that were never divulged and Lou never betrayed anyone’s trust. He actually coined the phrase before I heard it about Vegas; he once told me that what happened in Casa Dante stays inside these walls and in his mind. I could have written a book with the knowledge and stories he had about patrons, employees and others. He took all that with him, and all can rest easy. He never betrayed a person.

Unfortunately for us, all things must pass. But knowing and working with a gentleman like Louie made it all very special and worthwhile. We will miss him and treasure his memory. His kind will not appear again.

Till we meet again Lou!

4 thoughts on “Luigi “Louie” Iaccarino, beloved Maitr’D passes on August 9, 2018

  1. joseph kevin moran

    Louie the legend, no one like him and no one will ever be. Louis was a natural, he relished being asked how much longer would their table be, no sure he ever ansewered that question by anyone. There never was a list Louie was about 98% fair in the seating of customers everyone had to wait. I go back to Casa Tullio at the Dante Allegheri on Summit, no better Italian restaurant anywhere, Chef Luigi made everything just right. I’ve never found a linguini and clam sauce anywhere that was better or came close his was the best. As were some of my other favorites, lemon sole, veal rolatini. I really miss the original, others tried, some were good some ok but nothing came close to the original.

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